From Thine Own Well

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Cover design by Elliot Hamilton-Boucher.

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From Thine Own Well
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They said it couldn’t happen here—They were wrong!

This exhilarating book chronicles Canada in full socioeconomic collapse. A series of ill-conceived international accords brought government to its knees and under corporatist rule.

Unrestricted fracking and irresponsible mining practices contaminated major watersheds and underground streams, the precious fluid noxious. Individual freedom has been cast aside. The sole purpose of The Coalition is to ensure profits for its corporate members.

Nature responds with a devastating natural disaster.

A tragic encounter with a young family draws Landon McGuire, a middle aged loner, into the intrigue. He meets Nora, a nurse actively fighting the corruption and abuse. They band together with a group of unknown, everyday people and one dog to combat The Coalition and its impact on Canadian lives and the environment.

The story weaves through human relationships, dissension, fast action and resolve as they encourage others to fight back and regain their rights. Are they the unknown hope for Canada’s future? Will they set the bar for the rest of Canada?

Enter a dystopian Canadian society that reviewers agree is frighteningly feasible.

The year is 2036 …

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