Fracking In a Dystopian Society


From Thine Own Well. A dystopian novel by Norm HamiltonWonderfully realistic dystopian!
Experience the subtle fear of knowing it can happen.

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Who controls the water — controls the masses.

Corporate takeover and unrestricted fracking cause a dystopian (opposite of utopia) Canadian society . It’s not post-apocalyptic and has no vampires or zombies, but this story is frightening in its possibility of becoming true.

Disillusioned former Yukon mining exploration worker, Landon McGuire, is torn from his self-imposed exile into a Canada he no longer recognizes.

Water is a precious commodity, and the environment is contaminated. Individual rights are non-existent and corporate rule is the law—a law enforced by the corporation’s own brutal militia.

Unregulated fracking and irresponsible mining have destroyed the watersheds. A small group of people band together to combat the ruling coalition, but find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game.

Landon meets Nora and is drawn into the fray. What begins as a fact-finding mission turns deadly as they get closer to the truth.

Deceit, threats and violence emphasize the reality that economy trumps environment even when lives are at stake.

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From Thine Own Well is a piece of dystopian fiction created in the fertile fields of my imagination, observations, fears, concerns and biases. It is an account of a Canadian society that evolved as a result of unregulated, unsupervised, irresponsible fracking and development. The difficulties began with the signing of international agreements (FIPPA)that put Canadian taxpayers at risk. It is not intended to be prophetic in any way, however much of the fears expressed are taking place now.

I believe our planet needs more people who spend their time caring for it than spending time fighting over who created it or plundering it with no regard to consequences.

I hope you enjoy reading From Thine Own Well as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

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