Environmentalists Split on Fracking


“…environmentalists have essentially been split into two camps: those who believe the process must be stopped at all costs, and those who believe drilling is inevitable, and so it’s better to work with industry on making it safer for the environment. “

This statement comes from an article in Aljazeera America by Peter Moskowitz.

I think this is the statement that covers the reason for the divide.

An all-or-nothing approach, when successful, stops the fracking for happening; but for how long? When unsuccessful gives the pro-fracking faction complete control.

The cooperative approach intends to mitigate the damage as much as possible, however has the unintended result of giving the impression of support for fracking, especially with pro-fracking media and pundits.

There is no “winning” in this struggle. As long as we are focused on the extraction of fossil fuels we will continue to ravage our planet. We know of some forms of energy that are less damagine–wind, solar–but I’m sure if efforts were expended toward finding even better ones, they would be found. I have the utmost faith in human ability.

As long as we worship the economy instead of living in and with the earth, it will be laborious to entertain change.

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