Fracking The Great White North


I just read, with interest, a blog post by Jessa Gamble on the Last Word On Nothing blog, titled, Fracking The Great White North.

In it she discusses the advent and growth of the oil industry in Canada and now the subsequent clamour over natural gas. She discusses the concerns, fears and beliefs around fracking She writes about the people of NWT flatly refusing the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline and how their legislation is designed to protect water.

However, in her last paragraph we read:

But even here, it was announced this summer that fracking would be allowed in the territory despite a report that cautioned against it. Wherever money is in the ground, humans will have a hard time resisting. The temptation will always be to dig.

This result reflects the fictional narrative in From Thine Own Well in that it appears that the demands of the corporations outweigh the desires of the people of the land.

Read her full blog post here.


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