Mount Polley Mine Disaster – Life Imitates Art


An unprecedented disaster.

On Monday, August 4, 2014, the tailings pond at the Mount Polley Mine in British Columbia busted wide open, spilling billions of litres of toxic sludge into Hazeltine Creek and on to Quesnel Lake. From there it entered the Quesnel River where it will eventually meet the mighty Fraser and flow downstream to the ocean.

This happened only a couple of weeks before the major sockeye salmon run. Environmentalists and First Nations fear the worst for the fish struggling upstream to fulfil their destiny. Already dead fish are being washed up on the shores of Quesnel Lake.

This breach is a real-life tragedy. In Chapter 4 of From Thine Own Well Kirsten and Stone come across a number of dead fish tossed on the shore of Fish Lake, near Whitehorse, Yukon. Guess what caused the fatalities.

Yup, Mount Polley Mine is life imitating art. From Thine Own Well is a fictional account of something that could very well take place.

Hopefully, those who read it towill reflect on what it is we are doing to our environment.

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