Peel Watershed – An Exercise in Futility


pier_river6671FTOWpostThe Peel Watershed has been offered up like a sacrificial lamb.

Is it possible the sanctity of the Peel Watershed in Yukon has been surrendered because of Foreign Investment Protection Agreements (FIPA)?

Was more than one level of government responsible for the decision?

Although the novel, From Thine Own Well, was not intended to be prophetic—it is the result of my imagination, observations, fears, concerns and biases—much of what takes place in the story has begun to unfold in real life.

The premise presented by From Thine Own Well begins with the overtaking of the Canadian government by foreign corporate interests who successfully sued before a series of tribunals because the government created regulations or stopped development in some areas, thus causing the companies to make less than they thought they should.

Let’s look as some of the chronology of activity in Yukon.

In 2010, Chinese Yukon mine investment finalized

The CBC article quotes the head of the Yukon Geological Survey in Whitehorse, Mike Burke, as saying. “It will certainly have a longer-term impact. $100 million is a lot of coin.”

That raises the question of just what impact would be. Could it possibly be that the government would be beholden to open further areas for development?

October 2013

An article at is headlined “Canada’s Yukon seeks Chinese investment in mining sector.”

The writer states, “The Yukon, one of Canada’s northern territories, hopes Chinese investors will invest in its rich but underdeveloped mining sector, a local official said.”

Deputy economic development minister, Murray Arsenault was scheduled at that time to attend the China Mining Forum in Tianjin on November 1-8, 2013 before going to Beijing to meet with government officials and company leaders.

November 2013

Then, a Yukon News article proclaimed, “Officials promote Yukon resources to China.”

“Officials from Yukon’s Department of Economic Development have returned from a trip to China where they worked to drum up investment for the territory.”

That brings us to January 2014

The Yukon Government opened 71% of the Peel Watershed to development—this, contrary to the wishes of the majority of Yukoners, including First Nations, and in spite of the final report of the Peel Watershed Committee that advised the opposite.

Read the thrilling, frightening possibility of what could happen.

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