Prophetic or Historic


I hope this work of futuristic fiction doesn’t become the precursor for a historical document.

As I have stated elsewhere, From Thine Own Well is a creation of my observations, imagination, fears, and biases. It is not intended to be prophetic.

However, some my concerns that culminated in the creation of From Thine Own Well seem to becoming a reality. The recent opening for development of the Peel Watershed in Yukon fits into the story like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Read more here.

We can only pray that the citizens of Yukon are able to convince their government to reverse its decision and protect the majority of this sensitive watershed area. For the First Nations of the area the land and the water are sacred.

Watersheds are a precious life-sustaining gift—they are not a commodity to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Norm Hamilton, Author of From Thine Own Well.

Read the thrilling, frightening possibility of what could happen.
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